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March 12, 2021 3 min read

At EDEN + ELIE, we believe that jewelry is an extension of who we are as women. It is a visual way we tell others what’s important to us. We can be running from client meetings, to picking our children up from school, to joining friends for a night out. Many times, we do those things without having a chance to breathe in-between. Here at EDEN + ELIE, we believe our handmade jewelry should support your life.

Well-crafted jewelry should transform your outfit so you can focus on the things that are most important to you, whether it’s heading to the office, meeting with friends or enjoying time with your children.

Beautifully-designed jewelry that supports your lifestyle is at the heart of what we do at EDEN + ELIE. Our handmade jewelry is easy to combine for a subtle, classic look for work while our statement pieces can help you stand out exquisitely in more formal occasions. Our customers have told us that our earrings are never out of place and so frequently worn that they almost never return to the jewelry box. We’ve brought this same versatility to the rest of our pieces from our Everyday Collection to our colorful Modern Peranakan collection.

For the office: Polished simplicity

When we are in the office, we like to keep things simple. The goal here is to keep people around you focused on your message and the goals you are trying to accomplish. Your jewelry should play a supporting role, expressing your personality but not competing with it. We love the Everyday Adjustable Necklace for its versatility both in the office and out. It’s always the perfect length no matter what you pair it with. You can choose to keep it neutral and timeless or add a pop of color for something more dramatic.

For earrings, go with something small like our Medallion Drop Earrings so your jewelry is not competing. Focus on simple, coordinating jewelry rather than on having a big statement piece.

For nights out: A touch of drama

This is the perfect time to go bold. Our Tassel statement earrings are the perfect way to do that. Skip the necklace when you wear statement earrings but don’t be afraid to add a bangle or two, like our Everyday Wide Bangles to the look as well. Experiment and play with your look!

For weddings: Opt for a classic look

Focus on timeless elegance whether you are the bride or celebrating the bride. Our post earrings are always appropriate with an understated classic look. You can add a bit more glamour while remaining classic with our Circle Statement Earrings.

Our brides have found our earrings make beautiful bridesmaid gifts and can match any color scheme.

For work events: One piece to make a statement

Work conferences and events are a great way to let your unique personality shine. We recommend, picking one jewelry item that starts a conversation or helps people remember you, like our statement earrings or our Everyday Wide Bangles. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple, so the focus remains on you.

For casual weekends: Add layers and color

Don’t be afraid to dress up your t-shirt and jeans. Add a long necklace like our Everyday Adjustable Necklace or add your own personalised beads combo with a simple chain for a trendier look. Add a couple of bangles and you are ready to run errands or spend time with your family.

For parties: It’s all about you

Have fun! That’s the most important thing to keep in mind when finding jewelry to wear for parties. This is the time to pull out jewelry that brings a smile to your face and maybe even sparks a conversation. We love our Luxe Triple Circle earrings and our Tassel earrings for parties. It’s a great time to play with colors and really let your individual taste come through.

At EDEN + ELIE, we create handcrafted jewelry that allows you to focus on your life. We want you to feel confident that you always have that perfect piece of jewelry to complete your outfit and represents who you are, no matter what you have going on.

Julia Tan

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