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April 14, 2021 5 min read

It’s often that I take the laidback approach to dressing and accessorizing. I go into pilot mode and think practical: my pieces must match the occasion, and most importantly, match each other. Picking an outfit based on complementary colors is also virtually foolproof. Heading to work in the office? Something modest, chic and classic jewelry to pull it all together. Alfresco dinner for two? Let’s go comfortable in a roomy skirt and add some interest with striking accessories that catch the light.

As I grow older, so does my desire to apply more intention and be selective in the things that take up my days – for they become months, years, my life. More love, fire, and meaning. Style is relevant to nurturing a sense of fulfilment too. It can give us the confidence to project our true or better selves, both personally and to others. It is an exercise in the making and a most interesting thought I invite you to explore: what we wear empowers us.

I am…


“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” (Nelson Mandela) What scares us is teaching us to overcome it. It is not really an idealistic notion, just difficult. But one that brings rewards equivalent to its adversity. I admit it does not always happen, but I try to make the brave choices.

The Medallion Drop Earrings in Scarlet sits light on the lobes, burning with warm brick red and elegantly juxtaposed with a soft turquoise blue. It is a piece of handcrafted jewelry that is designed to accompany you and bring a quiet elegance to your outfit every day. In a bold color, it is perfect as a daily reminder to make courage, especially when every fiber in your being is telling you it is just easier not to.

Letting go

Anger and disappointment hurts, yet we become addicted to the hope, or escapism from the deeper issues, that lies at their core. These negative emotions are part of life and can teach us lessons, but they are a disservice to nobody else but ourselves when we refuse to move on from what is concluded, beyond repair or misjudged. It could be a relationship we sacrificed for, or a failure that is hard to move on from. Let it go to create space for better.

Channel peace and go with the flow in the Everyday Adjustable Necklace or Gold Bangle in Serenity. This tranquil shade of blue calms the mind and conveys flexibility. A timeless looking piece that pairs form and function with its adjustability – simply pull the chains to wear at any length from 16 to 30 inches.


To be kind, I have to pay attention. To be in the present moment to truly acknowledge someone else’s presence and needs, and to choose facing head on what is easier to ignore. It is easy to be kind to those you love, but how about those you are indifferent to or unhappy with? That is the essence and inspiring beauty of benevolence.

The starburst pattern of our Celestia Swing Earrings is modelled after breathtaking constellations in the sky. Filled with tiny rose gold seed beads and fire polished glass beads, a gold halo swings carefree, giving light in the day and night. It is happy jewelry for uplifting the soul. A personal favorite of mine is Sienna with its translucent topaz that adds extra shimmer.


Determination is a quality I genuinely admire in others. To me, it shows true strength of character and is the mark of a principled person. Having the fortitude to respond positively to hardship and the resourcefulness and ownership to take charge of building your ideal future.

Our Leather Bracelets are unwavering in robust leather that will soften with wear and classic copper clasps that patina elegantly over time. Each features a handwoven design in colors inspired by awe of landscapes and cities. Delightfully customisable, enjoy the freedom of a perfect bracelet fit by telling us your wrist measurement and complete the piece with your personally selected favorite leather color.


I adore relaxation. Yes, I love my bed, my sleep and am prone to bouts of gluttony that end in a bloated stomach. But I also know the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle – not just physically but mentally. We all share the urge, or at least desire, to self-improve. Why not act on it to make something great? My goal is to have a strong, able body well into old age, so I can be independent and continue to take care of those I love. I want a bright mind that is ever curious, moved to learn by the magic and endless discoveries of this earth.

Model wears the Andromeda Studs in Snow

To give energy, I love the Andromeda Studs. They are available in such pretty shades for exploring and going on activities in, with a secure back clasp and compact size for holding up to all sorts of busy-ness. Try out a lively color like Daisy, Periwinkle or Florence.


We compare ourselves with others and forsake our own worth. From living our unique experiences, joys and trials, we amass incomparable wisdom that continues to guide us and give value to those around us when shared. No-one is more achieved than you because our journeys to happiness are our own. We can all learn something new from someone else. Take pride in what you have.

A closer look at the Peranakan Capsule Necklace shows an intricate floral pattern that changes when rotated. This handmade jewelry is not what it is at first glance and reflects the centuries of artistry in Nyonya culture. A stunning choice for your statement piece or as a cherished gift when paired with a matching bangle for an important person in your life.


“One day, you will look back and see that all along: you were blooming.” (Morgan Harper Nichols) How meaningful are these perspective changing words. Remind yourself that you do not exist in stillness, that you are not defined by past actions. We are evolving day by day, and every action, every choice makes a difference.

Our Horizon Collection in first edition colors (Dawn, Dusk and Fog) is inspired by the horizon and its everchanging shades through time. An apt reflection for the you who is ever maturing. Our recommendation? The Lariat Necklace is a bestseller due to its unique bar design that elongates the neckline.


No one is like you and that is your power. At EDEN + ELIE, we believe that you are more than what you wear. Choose jewelry that reflects, not represents, your identify – and embrace all that comes from putting yourself first.

Seraphina Leong

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