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March 12, 2021 4 min read

Do you ever get stuck in a style rut? Do you feel like you are always wearing the same jewelry, the same way because it’s easier? We’ve all been there especially as we try to rush out the door on the way to an appointment.

In the spirit of making your life simpler, we put this guide together to help you find new ways to wear your jewelry and try some new ideas.

Model wears Horizon  Horizontal Bar and  Vertical Necklaces in Dawn

1. Layer your necklaces for a completely new look

Necklace layering has been a trend that has proven itself. It continues to be a great way to play with new looks to old and new favorites. Choose different lengths, shapes, colors and textures. One easy way to figure out how necklaces work together is to pull them all out on a table and just play with different combinations. We recommend doing this on a table to make this process really straightforward and you aren’t constantly taking necklaces on and off.

Our Horizon Collection and customized Necklace Bar combos are especially suited for layering. If you are looking for a specific length, we are happy to customize the length or you can choose an Adjustable Length Necklace for added versatility.

Model wears  Modern Peranakan Bangle in Yellow and personal vintage bangles

2. Stack your bracelets for a playful style

The idea behind this is very similar to necklace layering. Try mixing materials, vintage with modern, different textures, charm bracelets with bangles. Play around with your bracelets to see what works.

We love how one customer tailored her Modern Peranakan bracelet with vintage gold bangles for her own unique style.

Model wears  Statement Circle Earrings in Barcelona Blue

3. Know when it’s enough

We love layering and stacking but it’s important to realize when your jewelry starts to compete. If you layer your necklaces, does stacking your bracelets add to the look or create a distraction? If you are wearing a pair of statement earrings, maybe you want to keep your necklace simple. It’s important to take a holistic view of your outfit and what you are dressing for, let those dictate what the appropriate mix is.

Model wears  Infinity Drop Earrings in Pearl

4. Choose earrings with purpose

Putting on earrings really finishes and completes your outfit, even if it is just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Many times, we tend to forget about earrings, we don’t change them or think of them as an afterthought.

Instead, think about earrings as a frame to your face. Anyone you talk to throughout the day, will also see your earrings. What better to place to highlight your personality! Make you think about choosing earrings that work with your hair color, skin tone and eyes.

As you choose earrings, think about options that work with your hair color, skin tone and your outfit! EDEN + ELIE has so many options that you’ll be sure to find a pair of customized earrings that are perfect for you. and we are happy to make recommendations if you need help.

Model wears  Everyday Adjustable Necklace in Royal and  Striped Medallion Earrings

5. Choose whether you want to showcase your jewelry or your clothing

There is no wrong answer here. A simple t-shirt can be transformed by wearing a statement piece of jewelry, likewise bold clothing should be supported by simpler pieces. Ultimately, the goal is to create a look that is personalized to you.

Model wears Everyday Adjustable Length Necklace

6. Think about your schedule for the day

We all have days that are non-stop. Be sure the jewelry and clothing that you choose supports your schedule that day. If you are running from client meetings, shuttling your kids to after-school activities and later, off to dinner with friends, you may not have the luxury of dressing for each event.

Picking pieces that can transition with your day is important. This is the idea behind our Everyday Collection. Our adjustable necklaces are always the perfect length no matter what you wear. Wear it with a blazer and camisole for the day. At night, take off the blazer to show off the back of our necklace with its beautiful, exposed chain.

EDEN + ELIE  Unisex Leather Bracelet in Beach and customized band in Natural

7. Try a completely different look

A simple way to test different looks is adding unique pieces of jewelry and rather than investing in a whole new wardrobe. We love how the EDEN + ELIE woven leather bracelet allows us to change our t-shirt in a more boho look. It’s perfect as the weather warms up and we start thinking about spending time at the beach.

Model wears  Celestia Swing Earrings in Flora,  Everyday Adjustable Necklace in Mint and  Everyday Bangle in Mint

8. Experiment!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Put on a simple outfit and see how you can vary the look by merely changing your jewelry. Try new combinations, pair things you wouldn’t normally put together. Try making your earrings the center of the outfit, then try making the neckline the focus, see how different bracelets change the outfit. Make a note of any pieces you want to add to your collection.

9. Don’t pay too much attention to trends.

We are all influenced by trends and that’s ok. It’s important to think about incorporating trends rather than copying them too closely and sacrificing your own personal style. Trends are useful for helping us to evolve and think about wearing our items in new ways, but they shouldn’t dictate our style.

EDEN + ELIE Necklace Bar beads in  Coral,  Mint and  White Gold Dots

10. Customize your own jewelry

Customized jewelry is not limited to fine jewelry and is accessible to everyone. Our Customized Necklace Bar is a great way to add pieces to your collection that truly reflect your personality. You can choose colors that are meaningful to you or you can select different beads to change out depending on your mood. The options are endless.

We hope that your creativity has been sparked and that you have come away with some new ways of wearing your jewelry. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and find something that truly works for you. Ultimately, your confidence and personality should be what shines through.

As always feel free to reach out to us at hello@edenandelie.com, we’d love to hear from you.

Julia Tan

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