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About Us


E D E N + E L I E  is a Singapore-based jewelry brand established in 2015, focused on using hand-weaving techniques to create functional, wearable pieces with a modern contemporary aesthetic. We create our own designs, train and partner with artisans to produce our jewelry. All our jewelry is made in Singapore. 


We are makers and creators at heart and we want to honour the traditions that come from centuries of making things by hand.  

In a world proliferated by industrialised products, we offer a different aesthetic - one that is uniquely differentiated, no two pieces exactly alike because each one has been created by human hands.

There is nothing older than sewing with needle and thread and these basic human traditions passed down the centuries are the same techniques that form the foundation of our work. Weaving beads either with a needle (off-loom) or on a loom, is the tapestry with which we express form, function, colour and meaning in the jewelry we create.  

Using hand intensive techniques with such very basic tools also allows us to train and work with artisans, who, for the lack of capital, would not otherwise be able to enter the premium market of high design goods. Thus, handmade is to us, not in the least, a means of providing fair and sustainable work for such individuals and communities.


Our design process starts with creating a weaving pattern that is charted and graphed according to what bead sizes, finishes and colours are to be used. The first prototypes are made in the studio, and the pattern adjusted until the woven pieces are the desired colour, texture and (especially) fit. For each collection that we launch, numerous prototypes are created for every colour combination, refining and re-drawing the patterns with each iteration until we are confident we can produce them as consistently as possible, while retaining their individual characteristics as handmade pieces.


We are committed to being responsible in our sourcing of suppliers who are reputable and ethical.  

Because bead weaving is extremely intricate and intensive work akin to fine embroidery, we are also invested in using the premium materials and components for our work.  

Our delica seed beads are produced by Miyuki, the oldest seed bead manufacturer in Japan. These are tiny pieces of precision-cut glass measuring less than 2mm in diameter each, individually selected and sewn together to create a seamless fit with little tolerance for error. 

Miyuki produces over 2200 colours of delica beads, each with its own specifications for durability and colorfastness. We examine each colour for both these characteristics before making them part of a collection.  

Unlike cheaper varieties of beads from China, India or Mexico which are not uniform enough to be woven to yield desirable results, Miyuki beads are extremely high quality and consistently sized for hand-weaving. One tube of 24k gold-plated delicas can cost 10 times the price of ordinary glass seed beads.

The delica beads are woven using a braided bead thread made from gel spun polyethylene. It is one of the strongest threads available in the market today.

The structures for our bangles, chains and clasps are lead-free and forged in 24-karat gold-plated brass, 14-karat gold-fill, pure copper or sterling silver by reputable supply partners in the USA. Hence, we are able to stand behind our products and create with confidence. 

One reason we use 24 karat gold-plated material is because of its durability in humid weather. Low-quality plating or dubious gold/silver tone metals are not used in our products.

Care however, should be taken to protect your jewelry for best results. Check our product care section for instructions on how to clean and store your pieces.